• Respecting human rights and complying with Ukraine’s current legislation
  • Integrating social responsibility in the company's daily operations
  • Managing nonfinancial risks
  • Implementing best CSR practices
  • Taking into account stakeholders’ interests
  • Evaluating of the company's CSR and its continuous improvement
  • Ensuring information transparency, openness and accountability
  • Corporate social responsibility

    Naftogaz is one of the largest groups in Ukraine. The company recognizes the social significance of its performance for the country's economy and the Ukrainian society. Naftogaz activity in the field of corporate social responsibility is the group"s contribution to Ukraine's sustainable development.

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  • Personnel

    The main asset of the company is its highly skilled personnel, who are motivated to work effectively. They are the key to success of both Naftogaz group and society as a whole, since the citizens of Ukraine are the ultimate owner of the company.

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  • Business ethics

    Naftogaz implements modern corporate governance standards, based on the world"s best practices. The company is undergoing a reform of corporate governance system that aims to make it more efficient and transparent to shareholders, partners and investors by the standards of OECD countries.

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  • Workplace safety

    Protection of life and health is one of the top priorities of the company. The company creates comfortable and safe working conditions for employees, introduces international approaches and standards of health, safety and security management, and takes all necessary measures to reduce workplace injuries.

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  • Local community development

    Naftogaz wants to be a responsible partner for local communities. Naftogaz group pays taxes and creates decent working conditions, and as well promotes social and economic development of the areas where it operates, and sustainable development of Ukrainian society. Naftogaz group supports the legislative initiative, which aims to achieve a deduction of 5% of the rental payments to budgets of local communities where mineral resources are extracted.

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  • Environment and safety

    Naftogaz is aware of its responsibility to the present and future generations for the environmental impact. Harmonizing economic interests of Naftogaz enterprises with environmental and social interests of the society is one of the company's main priorities.

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  • Stakeholder relations

    Consistency in the approach to interact with stakeholders — shareholders and investors, company employees, local communities and self-government bodies, businesses, financial institutions, government agencies, regulatory bodies, contractors and suppliers, academics and mass media is the priority for Naftogaz. An effective stakeholder relationship is an enabler of success in solving economic, environmental and social issues.

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