• Naftogaz is one of the largest groups in Ukraine. The company recognizes the social significance of its performance for the country's economy and the Ukrainian society. Naftogaz activity in the field of corporate social responsibility is the group's contribution to Ukraine's sustainable development.

    Having in mind the scope of Naftogaz impact on the social and economic life and the environment, taking into account the specifics of the activities of its enterprises, the group has defined priority areas in corporate social responsibility with the consideration for its stakeholders' interests. Naftogaz also takes into account international companies' experience and recommended international CSR standards.


    Given that Naftogaz is one of the largest employers in Ukraine, establishing decent and safe working conditions for the employees and their professional development is key priority of the group. It is also important for the company to reduce environmental impact of production companies, as their activities have a significant impact on air, water and land resources. Realizing that a significant proportion of population in the cities, towns and villages where we operate, is employed by Naftogaz group, and the natural gas transmitted by Naftogaz enterprises, is delivered to millions of Ukrainians across the country, we therefore invest in developing local communities and Ukraine at large.




    Personnel welfare and development

    Naftogaz group cares about its personnel welfare, ensures decent remuneration, increases the level of social protection and promotes personnel professional development.


    Operational safety

    Naftogaz group invests in safer workplaces for its employees and takes all necessary measures to reduce workplace injuries.


    Environmental protection and energy efficiency

    Naftogaz group implements projects aimed at reducing the impact of the group enterprises on the environment and at improving energy efficiency of production. Therewith, we contribute to the development of ecological culture among our employees and in the Ukrainian society.


    Local community development and charity

    Naftogaz group implements social programs on infrastructure development, access to gas for the communities, on maintaining hospitals, kindergartens and schools, and promotes the development of culture and sports.


    Business ethics

    Naftogaz group introduces modern standards of business ethics and seeks to strengthen the group's reputation as a responsible employer to employees, as a reliable business partner, as a transparent and open company for Ukrainian society.

    Interaction with stakeholders

    Naftogaz group follows a systematic approach to the interaction with stakeholders: shareholders and investors, company employees, local communities, local authorities, business community, the financial and credit institutions, government agencies, regulatory authorities, contractors and suppliers, members of the scientific community, and media.


    Responsibility to consumers

    Naftogaz group provides reliable and safe supply of natural gas to consumers — Ukrainian enterprises and households.

    Hereafter, in the Corporate Social Responsibility section we tell in detail what Naftogaz is doing within each CSR priority.


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