• The main asset of the company is its highly skilled personnel, who are motivated to work effectively. They are the key to success of both Naftogaz group and society as a whole, since the citizens of Ukraine are the ultimate owner of the company.

    Currently, the best endeavors are used so that skilled, experienced and energetic leaders are working at all levels of management in Naftogaz group. Implementation of these principles involves a sustainable development of the company and providing the consumers with quality products and services according to their needs.


    Naftogaz is one of the largest employers in Ukraine. 77 308 employees work at Naftogaz enterprises. These are: drilling engineers, maintenance engineers, technology implementation engineers, oil treatment and transportation engineers, geologists and geophysics, mechanics, electricians and other specialists of the oil and gas industry. Therewith, operating managers, analysts, financiers, HR managers, corporate communications managers and other specialists work in the company. All of them are the most valuable asset of the company.


    17 428 employees of the group enterprises have improved their qualification in 2015, 5 655 of them are executives and professionals. 2 697 employees obtained new professions (training, retraining, related professions).
    120 employees of Naftogaz completed their training/ upgraded their skills in independent educational institutions. Among them are: 21 employees of the line and senior management, and 99 line workers.
    In 2015, English language courses, involving 115 employees of the head office, were organized


    Naftogaz encourages its employees to develop qualities required by the process of group reform and that are necessary to succeed in the new environment. Among them are: the constant improvement of knowledge and skills, responsibility and efficiency in performing tasks aimed at achieving the strategic objectives of Naftogaz group.

    Priorities in human resources management


    In 2014, the company started the process of reforming its corporate governance; a change of leadership took place, which also affected the strategy of Naftogaz on personnel management. The company has developed and adopted a new HR-strategy that is implemented in the following areas: increasing organizational efficiency, developing efficient HR-processes, changing the management practices, improving involvement and motivation of employees.


    The company takes care of its employees and gives them a deserved reward for their work. In 2015, the average salary of full-time employees in the company enterprises amounted to UAH 7 388, which is 54% higher than the average wage in Ukrainian industry overall.

    Naftogaz remuneration policy is based on the principles of transparency, objectivity and competitive wages compared to private businesses.

    Furthermore, Naftogaz improves welfare and social protection of employees providing them with social guarantees and compensations stipulated by the current legislation of Ukraine, as well as collective agreements and sectoral agreements concluded between the Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine, Naftogaz and the Trade Union of Oil and Gas Industry of Ukraine.

    Expenditures of Naftogaz companies on social development and social activities include rehabilitation and recreation for employees, health care, financial assistance at child birth, financial assistance for low income employees and families with many children, payments to pensioners and veterans, and more. Employees of the company's enterprises support healthy lifestyle practicing volleyball and organizing tournaments on mini-football, chess, table tennis and other sports.


    With reforms in the group, higher requirements to quality of labor and introduction of new production technologies, it is extremely important to constantly update professional knowledge and skills of the personnel.

    The opportunity to develop professionally is important for employees too, making Naftogaz enterprises attractive to the industry's best specialists, who are forward-looking and see opportunities for their career growth.

    The corporate system of personnel training and development in Naftogaz is designed to ensure high professional competence, which meets current and future needs of the business, to fully prepare the personnel for the company's strategic projects, and to strengthen the management functions in the company.

    The company trains its employees and develops their skills of its using the following basic tools:

    • training, retraining and advanced training of employees in training centers of the company's enterprises;

    • training Naftogaz personnel at higher education institutions, the affiliates of oil and gas profile (under agreements on cooperation);

    • retraining and advanced training at specialized centers for postgraduate studies;

    • English courses for the company's employees;

    • sharing knowledge and experience with the leading international companies.

    Basic educational institutions for retraining and advanced training of managers and professionals of Naftogaz are: the Postgraduate Institute of Ivano-Frankivsk National Technical University of Oil and Gas, Lviv State University of Life Safety, Interdisciplinary training and certification center of the E.O. Paton Electric Welding Institute, National Aviation University, Institute of Metrology and Standardization, Major Training Center of the State Service of Mining Supervision and Industrial Safety of Ukraine, Association of Independent Experts of Ukraine "Ukrekspert", Lviv Polytechnic National University, Kremenchuk State Polytechnic University after M. Ostrogradskii etc.

    Cooperation with educational institutions

    The company is interested in employing the best students and graduates of leading universities whose level of training meets international standards. For this purpose, Naftogaz is actively cooperating with higher education and vocational institutions of Ukraine in the following areas:

    • career guidance for school leavers, Naftogaz employment offers to the best students and graduates of leading universities whose level of training meets international standards;

    • internship for teachers to make them aware of production processes, equipment and technologies used by the company's enterprises, as well as participation of the company's employees in examination boards for defense of graduation theses.

    Naftogaz personnel structure

    Cooperation agreements with educational institutions are concluded each year to train professionals, ensure their further employment and organize internship for students.
    To develop and attract the best personnel to the oil and gas industry, Naftogaz has been cooperating with Ivano-Frankivsk University of Oil and Gas for 17 years in advanced training for professionals and internship/training for the best students.


    Naftogaz strategy is aimed at attracting high quality staff. According to the results of expert ratings and to the professional jobseekers, Naftogaz is among the most attractive employers:
    • According to the research of rabota.ua HR portal, Naftogaz was "the most interesting employer" in 2015. The portal's statistics showed 17 000 hits per the company's vacancy, which indicates recognition of Naftogaz efforts in changing its approaches to personnel management and corporate management in general.
    • According to the survey of HeadHunter international HR portal, Naftogaz ranked fifth among Ukraine's most attractive employers in 2015 in the "Science and Technical Professionals" segment.


    To develop and attract the best personnel to the oil and gas industry, Naftogaz has been cooperating with Ivano-Frankivsk University of Oil and Gas for 17 years in advanced training for professionals and internship/training for the best students. Naftogaz group together with the Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine and Ivano-Frankivsk Oil and Gas University is developing a joint program for expansion of oil-production in Ukraine until 2026. A plan to facilitate practical training for students and further employment for graduates in Ukraine is developed within the program.


    Every year the company employs young professionals, namely graduates from Ivano-Frankivsk National Technical University of Oil and Gas, Poltava Oil Geology Exploration Technical College, Drohobych Oil and Gas Technical College and other educational institutions.


    Despite the difficult economic situation in the country, the joint efforts of the executives of Naftogaz and branch unions ensured welfare of workers of oil and gas industry in 2015


    Young professionals are trained in the workplaces with their subsequent appointment to the positions of specialists, professionals and managers. The term of training is set up by the enterprises on the basis of individual proficiency training level of a young professional. Internship is conducted according to individual plans. Those plans are focused on profound study of job description in order to obtain practical and organizational skills.

    Young professionals are also involved in active work at seminars, conferences; participate in the development of proposals for improving production efficiency.

    The most talented youth is recommended for executive positions.


    Communication with Trade Unions

    The company implements socially oriented policy creating comfortable and safe working conditions for its employees and providing social support under the labor contracts.
    Naftogaz is engaged in a constructive dialogue with the Trade Union of Oil and Gas Industry of Ukraine and the Gas Management Workers' Union of Ukraine. Within the framework of branch contracts and labor contracts the company, its enterprises and trade unions are the social partners in resolving the socio-economic, labor, legal and other issues. Thanks to their joint efforts, the implementation of most provisions from branch and labor contracts is ensured.
    In order to implement the principles of social partnership in the company's enterprises, the administrative documents on the conditions of labor remuneration, on labor, social, cultural, welfare and other areas of social protection are agreed with the trade union committees.
    Within the framework of social communication at the branch level, relevant committees are established with the participation of representatives of the company's enterprises and branch industry unions to negotiate on the conclusion of branch contracts. Joint meetings with summarizing the implementation of branch contracts are conducted.


    Average monthly salary at the enterprises og Naftogaz


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