• Gas market reform

    The successful implementation of the gas market reforms launched in 2014 is one of the key priorities for Ukraine. This reform is essential for the protection of Ukrainian statehood, the country"s sustainable economic development and the welfare of citizens.

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  • Security of supply

    Creating the conditions for more secure gas supplies to Ukrainian consumers and stable transmission of gas to consumers in other European countries remained one of the strategic objectives of Naftogaz in 2015.

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  • Operational efficiency

    One of the strategic priorities for Naftogaz is to improve the operational efficiency of the group. Naftogaz seeks to carry out its functions as a supplier and corporate centre in the interests of the Ukrainian people.

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  • Other top executives

    Yuriy Vitrenko, Сhief commercial officer of Naftogaz Group

    Yaroslav Teklyuk, Director for legal affairs

    Vitaliy Shcherbenko, Director for administrative activity and energy efficiency 

    Roman Biliaha, Procurement director of Naftogaz Group 

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  • Transparency and accountability

    Maintaining a high level of transparency and accountability is one of the priorities of the Naftogaz group. The company realizes that its activities significantly influence the energy security of Ukraine and its sustainable development. Timely informing all stakeholders as to operational and financial performance and socially significant aspects of its activity is one of the company"s responsibilities.

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